Global Ecological Footprint Calculator

How big is your Ecological Footprint?

We all have ecological footprints. It's their size that differs. The Footprint Calculator estimates how much of the Earth's biocapacity is needed to support a person's consumption choices over the course of a year. The results can be compared to the global average or sustainable rate.

The following quiz is a beta version of the footprint calculator based on a new methodology that measures the impact of lifestyle choices and does not give significant weight to inherent domestic factors of production. As such the results are substantially different than the previous version though they are still instructive. We are working to update this full quiz based on our popular Ecological Footprint Quiz.  For a more detailed footprint quiz using the Footprint 1.0 approach please visit the Quiz at Please send us feedback on the beta version of RP's new Footprint Calculator.

How do you typically get to work or school?

Which closely matches your household?

Which mix of foods best describes your average meal?

Do you conserve, recycle, and reuse resources, such as paper, metal, plastics?

Your Ecological Footprint is


Global Hectares


Global Average Footprint: 21 global hectares

Sustainable Footprint: 15 global hectares


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